GOD of The Wilderness

Last Sunday, I preached on Hagar from the Bible. Hagar spent some time in the wilderness, not once but TWICE!! On 2 separate occasions!!

In Genesis 16, she was running away from life’s difficult circumstances and while on her journey, she rested a little while in the wilderness.

In Genesis 21, she was sent from Abraham’s and Sarah’s dwelling and she was wandering around until she ended up, not in Road Town, not in East End or West End…but in the Wilderness AGAIN! A SECOND TIME!!! Hagar was a slave, jobless, husbandless, hopeless, despised by some BUT God saw her and He assigned an angel to her even in the wilderness.

Do you feel like sometimes you are in the wilderness or dealing with a wilderness situation? Do you feel like a nobody? Do you feel like you are alone and all hope is gone? Do you have limited resources? Listen to this message as I spoke on the God who sees (El Roi) and the God who hears (Ishmael) entitled “God of the Wilderness”

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