Holding onto Hope Devotional

Holding onto Hope Devotions Flyer

Holding onto Hope Devotional by Ve-Anna Thomas was created to equip and enlighten individuals with helpful, timely insights from the word of God, on a weekly basis. We all need hope every day and sometimes it is all we have to hold on to. Subscribe to receive new devotionals directly in your inbox, or click on the links below to view, save or print the PDF version of each devotional.

PETER’S TALE: Holding onto Hope Devotion – April 2017 – Peter’s Tale

FACING THE FIERY FURNACE: Holding onto Hope Devotion – March 2017 – Facing the Fiery Furnace

WAITING ON GOD: holding-onto-hope-devotion-november-2016-waiting-on-god

RISE: holding-onto-hope-devotion-october-2016-rise

THE UNEXPECTED STORM: holding-onto-hope-devotion-october-2016-the-unexpected-storm

GUARDING YOUR HEART:  holding-onto-hope-devotion-october-2016-guarding-your-heart

CONFESSIONS OF A SINNER: https://ve-annathomas.com/2015/08/31/prayer-corner/

MY GOD, MY GOD: https://ve-annathomas.com/2015/02/25/my-god-my-god/

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