About Ve

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Ve-Anna S.R. Thomas

“Bloom where you are planted” is the motto of Ve-Anna S.R. Thomas, affectionately known as, Pastor Ve. She is a native of St. Vincent, but has resided in Tortola, BVI, for several years. Her gentle spirit and passion for serving the Lord, are an inspiration to persons far and wide. Through patience, prayer and perseverance, she is on her way to fulfilling her destiny. Pastor Ve accepted the Lord at the tender age of 9, and shortly after, her journey in ministry began. She faithfully served in all the key areas of ministry operations for over two decades; and she is also an ordained Minister and Reverend. In January 2018, Pastor Ve launched the “Kingdom Advancement Workshops” aimed to equip leaders and other persons to be effective servants in God’s kingdom; and she offers training in numerous areas. Additionally, Pastor Ve has authored numerous booklets, inspirational articles and training material. She is the Founder and CEO of Ve-Anna Thomas Ministries, and she equip individuals to arise and fulfill their purpose through her speaking engagements, bible study, workshops, conferences, training etc. Finally, she is happy to be first and foremost a Humble Servant of God Almighty. 


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