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The Word of the Lord “Birthing Season”

THE WORD OF THE LORD Received on 30th November 2018 In this birthing season, the year 5779 on the Hebrew Calendar, there will be many “normal” births in the Body of Christ. However, it will also be a time of strange births. There will be some saying, “Lord, I didn’t know I was pregnant”. Also, … Continue reading The Word of the Lord “Birthing Season”

I came on business for the King – Sermon Notes

The FREE sermon notes are available from the sermon "I came on business for the King. Click HERE to view, save or print the PDF version, or you can view it below: TOPIC: I came on Business for the King SCRIPTURE: During the sermon, I referred to several scriptures; because in business you cannot focus too much on … Continue reading I came on business for the King – Sermon Notes

Peter’s Tale

This week’s Holding onto Hope Devotional is entitled PETER'S TALE. Scroll down to read the devotional online, or click the link below to view, save or print the PDF version. Download the PDF here: Holding onto Hope Devotion - April 2017 - Peter's Tale Simon Peter was one of a kind, he was a classic. Whenever I think about him or I read about … Continue reading Peter’s Tale