Stay connected with Pastor Ve-Anna through VE-VIDEO. This is a great way to stay up-to-date with her ministry and get to know her better! VE-VIDEO will be published via this website and YouTube Channel from speaking engagements, sermons, exhortations and other presentations – filled with knowledge and inspirational messages that tackles life toughest situations. View some of the latest videos below.

Pentecost Sunday 2019

Preview: Is the Pentecost experience still possible today? We serve a God of Order and it is important that we are ONE. We must be ready and in ONE ACCORD. Then, the Holy Spirit will intervene. Then, we will see miraculous things happening. Listen to this POWERFUL message from Pastor Ve-Anna Thomas on the Pentecost Experience (Acts 2:1-4). Remember to subscribe!

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Preview: What I love about Jesus is that He had a Finishing Spirit. Jesus did not stop because Judas betrayed Him. Jesus did not stop because Peter hurt Him. Jesus did not stop because He was mocked, scorned and beaten. Jesus went until the last mile of the way. Sometimes we quit too easily but I encourage you to keep going until the end. Ask the Lord to give you a Finishing Spirit. Do not stop because you get discourage. Do not stop because you were betrayed. Do not stop because of pain. Get your head back in the game……Listen to this powerful message by Pastor Ve-Anna Thomas. Blessed Easter to you!

Still I am

Preview: In every situation and in every circumstance, the Lord is I AM and still I AM. Listen to this encouraging word by Pastor Ve-Anna Thomas entitled “Still I AM” taken from Exodus 3:13-14

Hear my cry O God

Preview: Pastor Ve-Anna brings a message from Psalm 61:1-3 entitled “Hear my cry O God”. Watch and be encouraged. 

Palm Sunday Sermon 2018

Preview: Pastor Ve-Anna Thomas delivers a powerful word to the congregation at 2nd Chance Ministries B.V.I. on Palm Sunday. This is a short video clip. Listen and be blessed. 

Keep the Dream Alive

Preview: Every dream has 3 P’s – People, Pain & Progress. Pastor Ve encourage the minds, hearts and spirits of the listeners with a life-changing message as they move forward in life.

Let the Storm Clouds Rise

Preview: Pastor Ve-Anna invoke a reminder in the ears and hearts of the listeners that even though the storm clouds rise in their lives, they should not be bothered or worried. 

I came on business for the King

Preview: Pastor Ve-Anna encourage listeners, especially women, to become serious and effective when doing the King’s business. At the end of the day, we would all like to hear the words “well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

The King is Coming to You

Preview: Pastor Ve-Anna brings a powerful word on Palm Sunday 2017. She reminds listeners they have to know how to act in the presence of the King, including checking their praise. Listen and be blessed. 

This is the ONE

Preview: Pastor Ve-Anna remind listeners that God chooses and uses anybody. Age, gender, looks, nationality & your past does not matter. The heart is what matters for God does not see the way men see. 


Preview: Tests are a part of God’s plans for your life. Tests are not intended to harm us nor to hurt us. Pastor Ve-Anna Thomas is informing the listeners that the Lord is saying “I am with you. I am with you in the morning, I am with you in the noon-day, I am with you in the evening. Even late in the midnight hour, I am still with you! For I am the Lord your God and I know the way that you take; and when I have tried you and proven you and tested you, you shall come forth as pure gold.”


Preview: Pastor Ve-Anna Thomas presented this message on Valentines Day 2016 describing the different types of love and the 5 love languages. She ends by concentrating on the pure, unending love of God.


Preview: The song says “You just can’t give up now for you have come too far from where you started from. Nobody told me the road will be easy and I don’t believe he’s brought me this far to leave me.” Pastor Ve-Anna Thomas reminded the listeners that they are standing at the edge of their breakthrough and their promise land is right before them. Listen to these lessons from Joshua and Caleb – 2 important people that you need to have in your life!


Preview: Pastor Ve-Anna Thomas was one of the speakers at a leadership conference held in October 2015. She presented on the topic “a brief look at the Law of the Lid”. We simply cannot lead where we have not been. This video is a must watch for any individual, not just leaders!


Preview: Pastor Ve-Anna Thomas reminded the listeners that God can turn ANY situation around. He did it for Abraham & Sarah. He did it for the Israelites & countless others. He can do it for you too! You have to understand where you are today is necessary for where God wants to take you. It is all a part of the process!


Preview: Rev. Ve-Anna Thomas was officially installed as the new Senior Pastor of 2nd Chance Ministries BVI in September 2016. This video is a clip from the service.


Preview: Pastor Ve-Anna Thomas delivered this message for those persons who feel lost, left out, like no one cares, nobody love them; and who feel forgotten. You stood by and watch others got saved, got their healing, got deliverance. You were overlooked and forgotten – BUT today is your day! Watch this video and gain helpful insights.


Preview: Pastor Ve-Anna Thomas ministered on Palm Sunday 2015 “when the King comes” taken from Matthew 21:1-11. Jesus is coming your way; and when the King comes, many things can happen! However, we must be willing to lift up the King above every-thing. Listen & be blessed.

View part 2 here: 


Preview: Pastor Ve-Anna Thomas delivers an exhortation taken from a portion of Isaiah 9:6 on “The Mighty God”


Preview: Pastor Ve-Anna Thomas exhorts on the topic “use your gifts, your talents & your time” at the launch of the Risers Youth Ministry of 2nd Chance Ministries BVI. 




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