Happy New Year 2016!!

Hi Everyone, Happy New Year from my heart to yours!

It is no mistake that you are alive today. You are here in this world for a purpose. There is something more than just working Monday – Friday. I do not know what 2016 holds for you but I pray that you will face every situation boldly and with courage.

I pray that you will step up today, leaving behind all negativity, discouragement, heartache and pain. Do not be afraid to lose some friends. In fact, do an inventory right now: is this person weighing me down or lifting me up?

Do not worry about what did not work out last year – who did you wrong, who lied on you, who abandoned you. Brush it off, put a smile on your face and kill them with LOVE. Coworkers getting on your nerve? Kill them with love. Family issues? Kill them with love.

God will bring storms across your part to reveal your character; and it is all a piece of the puzzle because everything is working together for your good.

Finally, your 2016 notebook is now open and the pages are blank. Be careful what you write!

Run and not grow weary, walk and not faint, Pastor Ve-Anna Thomas

Copyright © 2016 Ve-Anna Thomas. All rights reserved.

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