May 2023 Newsletter – I Am May!

Hi Friends,

Welcome to the month of May!

I grew up singing this folk song when the month of May rolled around “I am May, bright and gay, listen to my happy say. I can sing, songs of spring, happy news I bring…”

Indeed I bring happy news and content for this month’s newsletter. Continue to keep your focus. Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice!

VIDEO: “Mother’s Day Message 2023”

This month, I would like to share with you the video from my Mother’s Day Message 2023. Watch/Listen and be blessed. Remember to share and subscribe.


Holding on to Hope Weekly Devotion has been an inspiration to many. Normally, a new video clip or a post is published on Monday mornings on my YouTube channel and Facebook page. I will start to post new video clips soon but in the meantime, here is one of the previous video devotions asking you to identify with what is on the inside of you.


If you have not watched any of the videos from my Online Bible Study (OBS) called Bible Gleaners then you are missing out! What are you waiting for? In case you missed any of the sessions, you can watch the replays on my YouTube channel or on my Facebook page. Here is one of the videos from a study I did on “Sharing Your Faith”

As usual, all the FREE PDF handout with notes from the studies are available to download on my website. Also, please mark your calendars! Bible Gleaners will resume soon.


Tune in and listen to the “Feed Your Faith” Radio Broadcast, the Radio Ministry of Ve-Anna Thomas Ministries. The program is aired on Sundays from 8:15 – 8:30 a.m. on ZRod 103.7 FM. A blessing awaits you.


I do a LIVE 1-hour teaching via Zoom every quarter. My goal is to train, equip, develop and to sharpen the skills of Pastors, Ministers, Leaders, Church Workers/Volunteers, Community Leaders, School Leaders, Leaders in the Home, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Supervisors and other interested persons.

Please save the date for the 2023 workshops, the topics will be announced soon.

CLICK THIS LINK TO REGISTER FOR THIS WORKSHOP: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMrce6oqzgrGdKObmHbrkURi7yVHCQLgZ3D

CLICK THIS LINK TO REGISTER FOR THIS WORKSHOP: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMofuCqpzgvHtdBDkGso01LCg4loXZzEVQr

CLICK THIS LINK TO REGISTER FOR THIS WORKSHOP: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcqdeCsrzopG9NyhauVOFvZxI8leKt8O2MC

In addition, I created a program for persons who might have missed workshops that I did in the past. I am now offering those workshops on a one-on-one basis or to teams. More information is on the flyer below.

More Workshops are coming Soon! The fee/contribution covers the live training, PowerPoint, an interactive handout and practical encouragement. The available workshops are on the flyer above. The training can be done with teams/groups or one-on-one and can be conducted in person, via Zoom or any other platform of your choice with various time frames to suit your needs, such as, 1-hour, 3-hour, half day etc.

I encourage you to grab this opportunity as you lead in 2023. These sessions are ideal for Pastors, Ministers, Church Board, Church Workers/Volunteers, Non-Profit Organization Leaders, Community Leaders, Business Managers, Supervisors and other interested persons. Send all inquiries via email to VeannaThomasMinistries@Gmail.com or WhatsApp/Telegram 284-544-6937.


For more information about me, visit my website at VE-ANNATHOMAS.COM where you will find inspirational resources, Videos, Sermon Notes, Bible Study, Photos etc. While you are there, subscribe to receive new posts directly in your inbox.


Ve-Anna Thomas Ministries is a registered non-profit organization in the BVI. The official launch event took place at the end of March at the Cyril B. Romney Tortola Pier Park. The video replay is on my YouTube Channel and is available by clicking the link below.



I have a few ministry engagements soon. Please keep following my social media pages and this website for additional information.


Great news Family! I opened my calendar to receive bookings for 2023. As you may know, I am a “Jack of All Trades” so I am available for a LOT of different types of events, in-person or virtually. Please send all booking inquiries to BookingPastorVe@gmail.com. Thanks and God Bless.


Download this month’s FREE printable by clicking HERE. It is the Sermon Notes from my first sermon for 2023 with guidelines on how to put God first. The printable also contain a Prayer Target Plan, a Kingdom Declaration and more!


From time to time, persons inquire about sowing a seed into the ministry, the available giving options are listed below. Thank you in advance for your contributions, it is greatly appreciated.


I am selling a few products to raise funds for this ministry. More products including official merch will be available soon. Here is what is currently available. Thank you in advance for your support!


I am posting encouragement content on my social media pages regularly. LIKE/FOLLOW me for the latest updates and inspiration:

Instagram: @Pastor.Ve | Facebook: @Pastor.Ve | Twitter: @Pastor.VeVe | Pinterest: @pastorveannathomasYouTube Channel: Pastor Ve-Anna Thomas


Finally, if there is any topic that you would like me to speak, teach or write about, or if you have a prayer request or a testimony please email VeannaThomasMinistries@Gmail.com. Remember to Bloom Where You Are Planted.

Your Kingdom Sister,


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