NEW Video Alert!

Hi Friends,

I just uploaded a NEW video to my YouTube channel, titled, “Why Sit We Here Until We Die? SHIFT!” taken from 2 Kings 7:3. I preached this message a few nights ago during our Deeper Life Services at church. 

I strongly believe this message will strengthen and stir your faith, so you will not die or perish in your current situation, because you have not reached your final destination as yet! Your best, God’s best is yet to come. 

Also, I believe we can learn sooo much from the 4 lepers mentioned in this scripture. I believe they were leprous for a purpose and they did not let their disease define them. They did not let society define them. They were visionaries; they planned together, and they succeeded together. 

Take a moment to watch the video and feel free to share the link with others. Click the subscribe button on my YouTube channel so you will be notified when new videos are uploaded.
Remember to bloom where you are planted.

Until Next Time,


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