October 2020 Newsletter / Did You Choose To Reboot?

Hi Friends,

Happy New Month! It is the beginning of the last quarter of the year. What a year!

Personally, I had a good but rough start. Looking back at the beginning of the year, I was soooo excited! So full of anticipation for the new decade. Then, one day, my body was not feeling right, and I went to the doctor just in time! I was dealing with about 4-5 different health issues at the same time. I had to change my routine, eating habits, implement meal planning and so on. I had to change my schedule, really stick to my planner, cut back on some activities, say NO to some things and rest. Yes, I had to ensure that I was getting lots of rest. 

I had to take it very easy (and still do), be calm and avoid stressful situations. Looking back, I think that God was doing a reboot in my life. Most importantly, I had to make a conscious decision to take care of me, fight for my life, be still and to leave everything in God’s hands. I discovered that it is not everyone who knows or understand or can adjust to my new normal, but I must do what is best for me. I am thankful for all the persons who prayed and encouraged me as I go through this difficult season.  

I have truly come this far by faith; and if it was not for the Lord on my side, I do not know where I would have been! Just when I was getting my head wrapped around everything……the corona virus global pandemic happened. And I kept asking God, what are you doing? But Glory be to God! I am still here! Now, I realize that it is all a part of the boot process, specifically MY boot process.  There were many individuals in the bible who rebooted their life…Noah, Moses, Naomi, Ruth, Paul and the list goes on and on…

Proverb-A-Day Challenge

During the month of October, I would be doing a Proverb-a-Day CHALLENGE.

The book of Proverbs has 31 chapters and October has 31 days so we will read a chapter a day. For example: October 1st – Proverbs 1 or October 16th – Proverbs 16. A reminder will be posted each day on my Ministry Facebook page, so you stay on schedule. Then, when you are done reading, post the verse that has impacted you the most. Let us glean together 🙏

Rebooting Your Year Book

I published an e-book called “Rebooting Your Year” that is available on Amazon Kindle. Be sure to purchase your copy soon.

#RebootingYourYear #ChooseToReboot

Here are some Ministry Updates:


Last December, I preached a message entitled “God of the Wilderness”. I think more than ever, this message is crucial for the times we are living in right now. You can listen/watch on my YouTube channel or Facebook page.


My Holding on to Hope Weekly Devotion has been an inspiration to many. The testimonies keep pouring in! A new video clip is published every Monday morning on my YouTube channel or Facebook page. Here is one of the latest devotions.


If you have not watched any of the videos from my Online Bible Study (OBS) called Bible Gleaners then you are missing out! What are you waiting for? In case you missed the sessions, you can watch the replays on YouTube or Facebook. A new study premieres tonight, entitled “Seasons of Life”

A new video would premieres every 1st and 3rd Thursday at 8:00 p.m. EST. Plus, this month has 5 Thursdays, so I will be doing a BONUS teaching. In addition, a FREE PDF handout with notes from the study would be available to download from my website. Mark your calendars! The dates and topics for October are:

Thurday 1st: Seasons of Life

Thursday 15th: Sharing Your Faith

Thursday 29th: The End Times (BONUS STUDY)


Starting this quarter, I would be doing a LIVE 1-hour teaching via zoom. My goal is to train, equip and develop Pastors, Ministers, Leaders, Church Workers, Business Individuals and other interested persons. The first training is scheduled for November 24 at 9:00 p.m. EST. The topic is “Moving to the Next Level“. Registration will be opened soon. You must register to get the zoom link.


For more information about me, visit my website at VE-ANNATHOMAS.COM where you will find inspirational resources, videos, sermon notes, Bible study, photos etc. While you are there, subscribe to receive new information directly in your inbox.


I opened my calendar for bookings for ONLINE EVENTS ONLY, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I am accepting bookings for events such as, conferences, workshops etc. For booking inquiries, please email BookingPastorVe@gmail.com.


Download this month’s FREE printable by clicking HERE. It is an excerpt from my new book “Rebooting Your Year“. After reading this sample, you can purchase the full eBook on Amazon Kindle.


I am posting short prayers/declarations and other encouragement on my social media pages regularly. LIKE/FOLLOW me for the latest updates:

Instagram: @Pastor.Ve

Facebook: @Pastor.Ve

Twitter: @Pastor.VeVe

YouTube Channel: Pastor Ve-Anna Thomas

Pinterest: @pastorveanna


Finally, if there is any topic that you would like me to speak, teach or write about, or if you have a prayer request or a testimony please email VeannaThomasMinistries@gmail.com. Remember to Bloom Where You Are Planted.

Your Kingdom Sister,


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