The Word of the Lord “Birthing Season”


Received on 30th November 2018

In this birthing season, the year 5779 on the Hebrew Calendar, there will be many “normal” births in the Body of Christ. However, it will also be a time of strange births. There will be some saying, “Lord, I didn’t know I was pregnant”.

Also, the Lord said to me that “even the barren will bring forth in this season”. The Lord is releasing that same Holy Ghost Spirit/power that was found in Mary – that will cause your baby to leap in the womb; just like the encounter with the Virgin Mary and her cousin Elizabeth (see Luke 1:41).

Finally, the Lord told me that we should not be surprised if birthing happens in some strange places. Get ready to hear “no room in the inn” just like Mary and Joseph. You may have to give birth in the stable! Or, you may have to give birth in unsuitable or unclean places like Naaman’s healing experience; (see 2 Kings 5:12-14) because sometimes it is in the filthy places you would be made whole.


For this is the birthing season and you MUST GIVE BIRTH!!! Start choosing your “midwives” carefully.

Somebody just went into labour…..

Somebody’s water just broke…..

God’s Servant,

Ve-Anna S.R. Thomas

Published 4th January 2019

He/She that hath ears to hear, let him/her hear (Matthew 11:15)

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